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Our Story

Paul MacDowall is a respected master fabricator of high speed water jetting techniques, His expertise in Hydro demolition and water jetting sets him apart in the industry with an uncanny ability to engineer solutions quickly and cost effectively for both jetting professionals and their end-customers.

He recognized a gaping hole in the marketplace where home owners lacked a safe and economical means of excavating their property that not only minimized the risks of interrupting underground services such as water, gas, electrical and telecommunications but, allowed complex jobs to get done in small or narrow spaces that were inaccessible to traditional backhoes and heavy digging equipment. Paul engineered a proprietary jetting technology that gives home owners exactly what they need at a price they could afford.

The ease and speed at which he could get the job done fostered a reputation that soon found its way to facility and property managers responsible for some of the biggest properties in the region. The need to expand grew and the firm began adding new equipment and technical staff, including hydrovac trucks.

Today, Ex-Stream Force Jetting Services is recognized as one of the regions premiere service firms known for expert technical ability, friendly service and can-do attitudes.

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