Hydro Excavation

The Problem

Even with current drawings and consultation with municipal and utility companies, there is still a risk of injuring people and disrupting services attempting to use heavy equipment to excavate around underground pipes and cables. Even with skilled operators and precision locating services, getting heavy equipment into many backyards is nearly impossible, requiring pick and shovels to get the job done.

For road work, accessing underground pipes often requires stopping and re-routing traffic for long periods of time. And, this approach generally requires bigger budgets because the road needs to be repaired with gravel, concreate and/or asphalt.

How We Are Uniquely Designed To Help You

Hydro excavating combines pressurized water with an industrial-strength vacuum system that not only cuts through soil quickly without risk of damaging underlying pipes and cables but, removes the dirt at the same time.

Our trained technicians can get in where heavy equipment can’t, getting the job done faster and often with a much smaller budget.

For road crews, hydro excavating can tackle the problem from the sides, minimizing the need to stop traffic or replace road surfaces.

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